Media Relations


Our media relations skills speak for themselves

As spokespersons for major corporations, the Dixons not only have responded to inquiries from the media with the right "spin," but also devoted equal time to developing written materials that would prompt reporters to pick up the phone and call for more information -- and ultimately, a story or editorial.

We understand what motivates journalists and what they need to know to do their jobs effectively. At the same time, we know how to find the client stories that will be most appealing to the media.  With our associates, we've put our media relations expertise to work for corporate, non-profit, government and higher education clients by:

Maximizing with the media: 

         executive and subject matter expert interviews

         grand openings

         product introductions

         family-friendly benefits

         corporate support of the arts  

         diversity issues

         high tech news and awards

Minimizing negative coverage of crises, including:

         network "crashes"



         violence/injuries in the workplace

         environmental spills

         striking workers



Training for hearings and media interviews

Our custom-designed training sessions will help you feel confident of your ability to communicate effectively with your various audiences. The techniques used will help reduce surprises, build your confidence and ensure that your views are not lost during questioning and discussion.

Our media training clients have included CEOs, board members and other senior executives, labor negotiators, elected officials, R&D specialists and corporate spokespersons.

Background briefings, media tours

and editorial campaigns


Dixon and Company works with the media on a regular basis and is ready to help you reach your target audiences with messages about your business, industry or organization. We will arrange background briefings, interviews and editorial board meetings with key editors, reporters and commentators in the print and electronic media. Our track record of op-ed development and placement is excellent.