Government Affairs


Reaching Key Decision-makers Through Public Affairs

Dixon and Company designs and implements government and community relations programs to develop and improve your relationships with legislative bodies, government agencies and targeted communities. We can enhance your government relations program by assisting with the following services on the local, state and national levels:


Dixon and Company can introduce you to a network of key decision-makers who can open doors to help with new business opportunities and alert you to impending regulations that might affect your business.


Lobbying Services

Working closely with our network of lobbyists, we can help coordinate your lobbying program. We develop lobbying approaches, analyze support groups, and identify legislators or officials who will take the lead in advocating your position. When needed, we will undertake direct lobbying efforts to assist you with environmental concerns, local zoning or planning board actions and statewide legislative initiatives.


Legislative Analysis

We will research legislation to determine the sponsor's goals; how committee members and staff view the legislation; and the chances of a bill's passage in committee, in the House and in the Senate. When a priority bill passes both houses, we will inform you of the expected action of the governor.


Drafting Testimony for Public Hearings

We can help you communicate your views in a manner that will be understood by the legislators.  Materials also can be shaped to reach regulators, the public and the media.


Grass Roots Coalitions

Partnerships can be essential in generating public support for a project or to pass or defeat legislation. We will help you form coalitions to keep community leaders and legislators informed and ready to act/react.