Principals/About Us

Jeffrey A. Dixon is the founding partner and President of Dixon and Company, Inc. Created in December of 1997, Dixon and Company provides strategic public affairs consulting to companies, organizations, associations and coalitions.


Working closely with clients to ensure their needs are met every step of the way, Jeff specializes in lobbying and legislative affairs, media relations, coalition building and new business development. He has worked in local, state and national politics and maintains a large network of friends and contacts at every level. Jeff has applied this network of contacts to influence passage of major legislation, provide clients with knowledge of pending regulation and legislation and alert them to potential business opportunities.


Through his organizational skills and expertise in media cam­paigns, he has developed grass roots programs to educate and gain sup­port from Congress, state legislatures and city and county governments for specific business issues.


Before forming Dixon and Company, Jeff worked for five years as senior vice president of public affairs for Eller Media Company, the largest outdoor advertising company in the nation at the time. He managed 15 public affairs managers in 12 major markets, directing  government and regulatory affairs, media and community relations. He spearheaded the passage of major "just compensation" legislation in Illinois, negotiated compromise language to protect freedom of speech advertising in Houston, and helped defeat legislation in Congress to ban outdoor advertising in key commercial areas. Jeff established and chaired Eller's first political action committee and increased employee contributions every year. He also chaired the Outdoor Advertising Association of America's legislative committee and served as Eller's spokesperson to the media.


At Burson-Marsteller Public Relations, Jeff was director of government and media relations for the Chicago office. He handled Kraft General Foods' sponsorship of President Bush's "Thousand Points of Light" program overseeing the Beach Boys' nationwide media tour and White House concert. Jeff also worked with Dow to educate the FDA and the public on the safety of silicone breast implants, assisted Eli Lilly & Co. with media and lobbying support to pass legislation in Wisconsin on the safety of Bovine Growth Hormones and coordinated government and media campaigns for Philip Morris on freedom of speech issues as it pertained to advertising cigarettes.